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ALFONSO CENDRON graduated at the IUAV in 1986 where he has been teaching and research, he has collaborated with Gregotti Associati in Milan and has been consultant of United Nations in Vienna. He has taught and lectured in Italy and abroad. It works getting nominations, mentions and awards in various…


LIST of people or companies which in past or in progress are collaboration / consulting: Emanuele Aldighieri, Riccardo Antonello, Area Tecnica Srl, Sebastiano Barbieri, Marcella Barigozzi, Pier Francesco Baron Cardin, Ettore Bellini, Maurizio Berizzi, Annalisa Bertani, Gloria Bertazzolo, Paolo Bonazzi, Paola Bomprezzi, Claudio Bortoletto, Mirco Bottega, Sebastiano Brandolini, Lisa Brunello,…

Belluno BL

The proposal for Piazza dei Martiri, inspired by the Renaissance period, establishes a balance between the ground level and the monumental architecture which overlooks it. The redevelopment of the whole pavement returns continuity between vertical and horizontal surfaces, through a modern design, and by creating outdoor living spaces. The existing…

Treviso TV

This apartment complex was conceived as a prism. The base, contains three small apartments that open to the exterior in continuation (from the Roman Domus), with a series of covered and uncovered spaces along the two paths leading to the stairwells. The upper stories contain four duplex apartments that appear…

Volpago dM TV

This secluded house has been integrated with the landscape. Its restoration involved reusing the foundations and the wall thickness, while rebuilding a northern deteriorated portion. The axes branch off from the center to the new area, without corridors. The design insists on the simplicity, using monolithic, monochromatic and mono-material shapes,…

Oderzo TV

The project is located near a place known for the discovery of archaeological finds. The layout is originated from a modular grid which regulates the plan and the elevation. The complex consists of four buildings lined with strict facades and a triple order of windows. The divisions of the elevation…

Roncade TV

The project reduces the volumetric impact of a block of flats as a Villa Condominiale, comparable in scale to surrounding buildings. It focuses on a central cloister-like void, which includes two courtyards similar to the scale of a traditional farmyard. Longitudinal and transversal axes mark the constructional order, as a…

JULY 25, 2014
Venezia VE

Partendo dai materiali di progetto di alcuni lavori, disegni, relazioni, concept e schizzi, si è provato di ricostruire la storia di questi lavori elaborando simboli grafici estremante sintetici, nel tentativo di rappresentare l’idea che li sostiene. Le immagini rappresentano i seguenti lavori: 01 Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 02 Sorgenti del Piave,…